Weekly Round-Up

So you're either visiting my website for the first time (welcome!), returning to find a newly designed website (welcome back!) OR you're reading this post via a blog reader (thanks for subscribing!) and wondering why all the weird (and possibly duplicate) posts yesterday.

After I so wonderfully deleted the content of half my posts last week (Grrr...) I finally made the decision to make the switch-over from Blogger to Wordpress. There was a bit of a learning curve, which as you'll see is still in process, so not everything is perfect, But I am up and running and today is Tuesday, Round-Up Day! Let's get this party started!

Photo Inspiration of the Week

This is really a collection of photos, but still inspiring in a sort of ambiguously bittersweet way. I grew up in Atlanta and Texas, so I never had to deal with floods as big as the ones that occur around the Mississippi. But it seems like every year it floods, and every year the community comes together. Yes, its a terrible thing to be stripped from your home so fast and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But floods seem to invite you into your own community.

Learning the cello can be a similarly tumultuous experience for some, but the experience also invites you into the greater picture of the world of art. In the end, that's a beautiful thing.

Video of the Week

I've been showing this one to my students for the past couple weeks. Yo-Yo Ma reminds us of an excellent thing... The cello truly does have a ton of energy. It begs the player to release that energy and all in all doesn't take much effort to do so.

This Old Cello

Twitter Follower of the Week

@owldaughter (Autumn Hisock): This Suzuki cello mom, cellist, & writer of the soon to be released "Birds: A Spiritual Field Guide" is mighty with pen, blog, editing pencil, spinning wheel, and cello bow. She's also a big fan of my student's bow hold pictures (and I made a mental note to put some more up this week for ya Autumn!) :-)  Thanks for the follow @owldaughter, here's to more cello loveliness to come!

Spin Tuner

iPad app of the week

Yes, you read that correctly. I got an iPad. I'm warming up to it and getting the hang of incorporating it into my teaching, which was the purpose of getting one. My favorite new app concept is the Spin Tuner and is also available for iPhone...
Spin Tuner sums the microphone input against the reference signal and shows you the relative phase and amplitude. Or in plain English: When the spinner stops spinning, you're in tune and just had fun getting there. It looks awesome. I've found that it works really well for totally fine tuning your instrument. Oh and you get the best sound sample when bowing, of course.


Have any ideas for future Round-Ups? What have you found recently that needs to be shared?