Weekly Round-Up (is back!)

Cello StandWelcome back to my friend, the Weekly Round-up, bringing you the best of all things interesting and cello-ly! We'll see how 2012 handles my resolution to post more often. (Warning: I hold resolutions with an open hand/mind.)






Cellist of the Week: Linnea Olsson!


New Twitter Follower of the Week!

@whitemoustache - Seattle's only eating tour on wheels. Share a ride through the tasty underbelly of Seattle's gastronomical playland.http://fb.me/whitemoustache  http://www.whitemoustache.com

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bryce Lathrop when he invited Goldfinch to play at his "Musical Plates Food Tour." It was a blast! and here's the video to prove it! (Yep! That's me singing!)


Practice Tip of the Week!

When you get home from your cello lesson, take your cello out of it's case (and put it in a safe place.) Sometimes that's enough to squeeze in a couple more minutes of practice throughout the week. It's also more motivating to have the cello so close to your fingertips!

Just for fun video!

I'm a big fan of Robyn, as you all know. And now I'm a bigger fan of SNL because Taran and the crew re-made Robyn's music video at 4:30am during a writing night for Katy Perry's recent episode of Saturday Night Live. HIlarious.