This year has been a season of "Story."  I've sought to define it for myself, ask what contributes to it, and brought this concept to the table in my relationships. I've even pursued inserting it into my profession of music more often than it already does. Songs, especially pop songs, have story. They are written out of tension, sorrow, love, anger resulting from a story.  As a musician who doesn't write songs from scratch very often, interpreting someone else's story is my main prerogative when I'm on stage.

Before I teach a student a new song, we usually discuss this concept of "story." You see, an audience wants to hear a good story through your song. They love it. Especially if you set it up for them to hear the story well.  "Which story are you going to tell with the song 'Long, Long Ago?,'" I say, "Will you interpret the ascending line as an ascending volume? tension? clarity? or will you interpret the ascending melody line as somber, sorrowful, or sweet? What picture are you painting for the ears that hear your song?" 

So I ask, what stories have impacted your life in this season? How will you tell that story to others? What pictures are you painting for the ears that hear your song?

I can't wait to read Donald Miller's new book: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I hear its pretty good one to read if you're into "story..."