10 Commandments of Learning an Instrument


As we venture back into the normal swing of things after the 2012 holiday season, I'd like to spend this month going back over the basics: How to practice, correct posture, reviewing old(est) pieces, etc.

Some of you know that every year I conduct an annual review. Taking the time to sit down and do this has been invaluable. I'm more focused and can see the big picture much clearer. Thanks Chris Guillebeau! This year I also created a list of Personal Commandments for my 2013. (You can see them on the right or click here.)

Doing that inspired me to create the following...


If you can't see the image above, click here.

I've played cello for *coughcough* years. That's a long time. In my opinion, the following are the most important commandments to hold while learning an instrument...

10 Commandments of Learning an Instrument

I - Respect. Yourself. Your Instrument. Your progress (forward or backward.) 

II - Practice. Only on the days you eat.

III - Have a plan.

IV - Have healthy expectations.

V - Befriend ergonomics.

VI - Fix one thing at a time.

VII - Review. & Often.

VIII - Use only yourself as a comparison.

IX - Celebrate the good in every attempt.

X - Breathe. & Often

Feel free to download and print these out.

Then tape them to your music stand or to the inside of your current music book or anywhere else you need to remember them. Enjoy!