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I would love to consider you a member of my teaching studio! 

I teach Suzuki cello lessons and offer vocal and songwriting coaching sessions online.

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Please Note: Emily Ann Peterson is not accepting new students for 2018.

You're welcome to apply for the waiting list!


  • are capable & resourceful - Talent is grown, not born.
  • are kiddos, nurses, naturalists, doctors, poets, architects, in-between adventurers, therapists, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, scientists, computer geniuses, visual artists, interior designers, soccer players, multi-linguists, venture capitalists, designers... 
  • respect their own realities (time, financial, physical, etc.) & are willing discover new ones
  • are all ages. No really, as young as 4 years old & as old as *cough, cough!*

Members of my Studio want to...

  • change and grow.
  • know more about how music can change their life.
  • bring more creativity and discipline into their life.


Feel like you'd fit right in? Fill out this form to get the process started and sign up for a FREE trial lesson.

Members of my Studio value...

  • the learning process
  • progress and change
  • time (their own and mine)
  • taking action
  • respect and honor
  • personal growth
  • accountability
  • listening and sharing


Members of my Studio know...

  • (or quickly find out) that learning is a life-long pursuit 
  • that a belly laugh is really good for the learning process 
  • that emotions are a part of life and music, and as a result, our lessons

Philosophy & Method

Fill out this form  to join the studio (or get on the waiting list.) FYI, Trial lessons are FREE with no strings attached, pun intended.

Fill out this form to join the studio (or get on the waiting list.) FYI, Trial lessons are FREE with no strings attached, pun intended.

I'm a Registered and Trained Suzuki Cello Teacher. I love this aspect of my vocation and training as a musician. The philosophy of this teaching method fits my personal musical philosophy perfectly

When you take a cello lesson with me either online or in-person (in Seattle or Tacoma) you get a completely personalized and holistic approach. I teach the whole student, not just their fingers. My job is to take each of my cello students a little further with their cello than when they walk in my studio door, or in the case of online lessons, a little further than when they first click “chat.”  

I value character development and emotional health throughout the entire education process. Personally, the cello is not just a tool to pay my bills, but provides me with personal holistic growth and creative development — I long to see my students reap these benefits from learning the instrument so many love to hear played.

Usually the Suzuki Method is geared towards children, however I've found that it works wonders for adults too! It's a really versatile method that works with any age or ability.

From the post The Mother Tongue Approach - "Dr. Suzuki [founder of the Suzuki Method] observed that all children have the remarkable ability to speak and understand their native language at a very young age. He observed that not only do children have constant exposure to their native language, but also they are powerfully motivated to learn through interaction with their parents. He reasoned that if children were surrounded by music in the same way that they are surrounded by speech, they would acquire the ability for music as easily. With these ideas in mind, he developed the “mother tongue approach” of talent education."

To read more about the Suzuki Method please visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Online Lessons


Why Take Cello Lessons Online?

  • Maybe you have a few issues that need a second opinion or questions that need answering.
  • Maybe you're from a town with a teacher-drought and/or can't find the teacher with the right fit.
  • Maybe you’re a cellist who has played a while but just need some practice accountability.
  • Maybe your schedule is so hectic, you don't have the liberty to drive across town?

Trial lessons are FREE with no strings attached. Pun intended. ;)

What Will I Need?

You'll need more items as you progress, but here are a few things you'll need to start with cello lessons online...

  • Your instrument: Voice, Cello & Bow, or favored songwriting instrument
  • Chair that allows you to sit with your knees square
  • Metronome & Tuner
  • Rosin
  • Computer or laptop
  • Strong-ish internet connection
  • *Web camera
  • *Decent microphone
  • Anything but laptop speakers
  • Note-taking method

*Most new computers have these installed


Take the following steps to start on the right track...


So now you're a member of the Cello Studio of Emily Ann Peterson! Welcome! Glad to have you on board!


1 - Get the right tools. 

  • Cello & Bow - Buying? Use craigslist and online stores with extreme caution. Renting? Check your local stringed instrument dealer. Hammond-AshleyBischofberger or Lasley-Russ are all great places to start in the Seattle-Tacoma metroplex.
  • Rosin - to be used on your bow once for every 60-90 minutes played
  • Correct Chair - should be flat (not slanted backwards) with a height which allows you to sit with your shins, thigh bone, and knees square. Make sure that sitting on the edge of it won't tip it over either.
  • Music - Start with Suzuki Book 1 (Don't forget the CD.)
  • CD's - Be sure you've got recordings of the music you'll be learning. Even if the songs months/years away, start listening to them now!

2 - Get social and connect via Facebook and Twitter.  Sign up for my email newsletter. 

3 - Read up. Do all you can to sponge up as much as you can. You're not alone in this pursuit. There are plenty of other folks who've gone through the exact same stuff and have wisdom and encouragement to pass on to you!

4 - Get Inspired & Get Connected! Whether that means watching movies or local live music. Youtube has a ton to offer, as well as all the many cellists connected to the twitter-verse!

See you at your next lesson!