Commission: Original Song

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Emily Ann Peterson-jpgs-0026.jpg

Commission: Original Song


Say It. Uniquely.

Maybe Kanye doesn't cut it? Maybe Dolly Parton, doesn't do it for you? Maybe Sarah Mclachlan didn't have your puppy in mind when she wrote "Angel." There is a song out there for almost every occasion, but some songs haven't been written, yet. 

Music is deeply personal and I would personally love to write a song for you or your loved ones. 

Here are some ideas...

  • Celebrating a momentous occasion (proposals! retirement!)
  • Marking life milestones (anniversaries! births! graduations!)
  • Expressing overwhelming feelings (falling in/out of love, breakups, saying goodbye, moving on...)
  • Remembering what matters most (forgiveness, easing grief, family...) 

How It Works

I will call. We will talk. Details will be discussed. Dates will be set. & You'll get a youtube link to a live performance of the song and a .mp3 download too.

Have more questions? Feel free to send me an email:

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