Covered in Clover - Emily Ann Peterson

released in 2019

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Emily Ann Peterson - Emily Ann Peterson

released in 2014

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Midwinter Midnights Vol. 1 - Emily Ann Peterson

released 2015


Ebb & Flow - Cello Yoga

released 2014

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Chakra Flow: Music for Movement & Meditation - Cello Yoga

released 2017

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The Patron Library

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Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous - Emily Ann Peterson

Finally, a definitive explanation of bravery. This deeply vulnerable & rebellious how-to memoir is for people who are tired of feeling like they should be brave but don't know how courage could possibly unfold from their current fears and comfort zones.

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Bare Naked Bravery: A Podcast Companion Coloring Book - Vol. 1

Grab Your Color & Get Brave! The bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery, by singer-songwriter Emily Ann Peterson, now has a companion coloring book featuring 12 international artists!

Proceeds of this coloring book benefit Speak Up for the Poor, a 501(c)3 nonprofit creating a new reality for girls in poverty through education, housing, and justice.

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Song Commissions

Say It. Uniquely.

Maybe Kanye doesn't cut it? Maybe Dolly Parton, doesn't do it for you? Maybe Sarah Mclachlan didn't have your puppy in mind when she wrote "Angel." There is a song out there for almost every occasion, but some songs haven't been written, yet. 

Music is deeply personal and I would personally love to write a song for you or your loved ones. 

Here are some ideas...

Celebrating a momentous occasion (proposals! retirement!)

Marking life milestones (anniversaries! births! graduations!)

Expressing overwhelming feelings (falling in/out of love, breakups, saying goodbye, moving on...)

Remembering what matters most (forgiveness, easing grief, family...) 

How It Works

I will call. We will talk. Details will be discussed. Dates will be set. & You'll get a youtube link to a live performance of the song and a .mp3 download too.

Have more questions? Feel free to send me an email:

Original Song Commission

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Cover Song Commission

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Corporate Offerings

Lectures, workshops, trainings and tailored performances for your business & co-workers!