Soundscaping: Curating Musical Moods for Profitable Business

What exactly is "Soundscaping with Cello?"

Good question. Every environment with a purpose - yoga studio, retail business, service-based business, event, etc. - has a unique soundscape, or an acoustic atmosphere, that can help amplify that environment's purpose.

That's nice and all, but how can a business' acoustic atmosphere amplify their sales? 

We are often a product of our environments without even knowing it, In both good and bad ways. Wouldn't it be wonderful for a business to know that their musical atmosphere is promoting positive effects in not only their customer's opinion of the business but also their spending habits too?

It's a fact that our bodies and brains are deeply affected by our immediate environment. Why do you think Target sells popcorn at the entrance of every one of their locations?! Even if you never buy the popcorn, they want you walking through the entire store with this deep-seated, can't-put-your-finger-on-it craving for something. Turns out, you'll spend more money that way.

Now, imagine you have a crippling fear of the dentist and you're sitting in the waiting room for a routine dental procedure. How comforting would it be to hear the Flight of the Bumblebee come on the classical radio station in the speakers of the waiting room ? It wouldn't. Even if the volume was turned way down, you'd have this strange urge to run out of the dentist's office as fast as you can. 

Retail businesses want their customers to want to stick around and linger. Businesses offering a service want their customers to feel taken care of and pampered. The musical atmosphere contributing to your customer's full experience of your business can really make a big difference in your customers' Yelp reviews and word-of-mouth marketing. 

Emily Ann Peterson 1-8421.jpg

So Emily, how do you use a cello to do this Soundscaping? 

I "curate the mood" of an environment by supplying real-time sounds.

Much like the smell of baking cookies unconsciously makes a house shopper comfortable in a seller's home, the right music can unconsciously influence a customer's experience and add a positive depth to their shopping experience. 

I can play classical repertoire or I can use my amp/looping pedals to create an ambient instrumental atmosphere of multiple layers of cello by composing sounds to fit the present moment. The sounds I make with my looping pedals can sound a lot like Zoe KeatingJulia Kent, or Matthew Schoeing's music.

Several Puget Sound businesses have already experienced this Cello Soundscaping with rave reviews from their customers.

Contact Emily and start using the cello to amplify your business and its purpose today.