It takes courage to make money with meaning & purpose.

Which student profile sounds like you?

Pivot Patricia.jpg

Pivoting Patricia
Day-Job Dave

- Changing industries, shifting clientele, new job

- Scared to lose the comfort of the present

- Uncertain of the next season or steps forward

- Desires a long-term plan for the future

Often says… “I know where I want to be but don’t know how to get there.”

Fake Fiona

Double Life Dan

- Tired of wearing masks, Ready to be your real self

- Pushing too hard & fed up with the mirage

- Anxiety about things you can’t control

- Craves authenticity & heart-centered living

- Often says… “I’m just tired of living two lives.”

Transition Tony
Flux Felicity

- Massive life change is looming (health, family, relationship, etc.)

- Goals are on hold because of external realities or internal issues.

- Unsure of next season

- Exhausted but deep-down: “This is not the time to give up.”

- Often says… “I don’t like where I am, but I don’t know where I want to be.”

Bashful Betty
Standstill Steve

- Has a really cool “thing” to offer (book, course, product, service, etc.)

- But hates or feels lost with self-promotion

- Not living up to full potential and knows it

- Missing out on opportunities due to second-guessing self

- Often says… “Every day I wait is a betrayal of myself.”

crisis carl.jpg

Crisis Carl
Victimized Vicki

- Depression, adrenal fatigue & high stress levels

- Feeling defeated/victimized by own doing

- Current business/life is in perpetual crisis

- Lack of Balance: Wants a vacation or ready to give it all up

- Needs outlet for expression to find inner strength

- Often says… “If things don’t change, this is gonna be the end of me.”


"Putting yourself out there" doesn't have to feel so. stinkin'. tough.

Bravery can feel easier.


You *can* navigate your craft, career, and business toward a keenly executed vision for the future with authenticity and agility