The School of Bravery

a learning lab for creative visionaries

If you are a:

lover of creativity, writing, and music

business owner, executive, or freelancer

professional or amateur creative

If you want to:

act on your calling (or figure out what that is)

prepare for a “Season of Bravery” (or recover from one!)

skillfully navigate your “next frontier” without doing so blindly

If you have internal constraints like:

life-altering chronic illnesses (ex: hypothyroidism or tremors)

mental health factors (ex: depression or anxiety)

mindset challenges (ex: imposter's syndrome)

lack of confidence or plan of action

If you have external constraints like:

abnormal markets or new industries

industry or career changes (ex: recent lay-offs or quitting your day-job)

lifestyle challenges (ex: full-time travel or divorce)

a brand new product/child/job

Then you need The School of Bravery!

Our work together looks like:


creative consulting

business mentorship

project/creative production

audience strategy

lifestyle coaching

Note: If you're reading this and your life and business as you knew it has changed or is changing drastically. You are NOT a victim of these challenges. In the midst of all your limitations, it IS possible to create a new and better paradigm for your life, business, or career.

The world is waiting for your bravery.

It's time to thrive.

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Why Your Enrollment Might Be URGENT:

“I wish I had this 3 months ago!” 

If you wait too long to enroll in the School of Bravery, it can (sometimes) make it VERY hard to make important changes for your bravery’s success. 

Here are some examples:

  • A new bravery student says “I wrote a sales page! It took me 45 hours and it’s the best thing ever!” After reading it through, it’s not the best thing ever. It’s a great start though! Enrolling sooner could’ve helped this student save over 3+ weeks of unnecessary work.

  • A new bravery student finally enrolls and is super excited about their brand new business and its new logo. We discover after extensive market research that their ideal customers "don't get the logo" and the business owner needs to pay for a re-design of said logo. Enrolling sooner could’ve helped this bravery student save an enormous amount of money.

  • A new bravery student finally enrolls in the School of Bravery when their Kickstarter is already built and ready to press “publish.” We get a ton of awesome money raised, but enrolling sooner could’ve helped this student prevent the hair-ripping agony and struggle of putting yourself out there.

So if you’re waiting to enroll at “the perfect time,” then that time is NOW.


Meet Your Teacher

She’s a singer-songwriter, creative consultant, and #1 bestselling author of the book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous.

Emily Ann Peterson is best known by her fans, clients, and students for her uncanny ability to melt down difficult, throat-clenching stories and challenges into easy, step-by-step breaths of fresh air.

Proof she uses constraints like a machete and fear like a lawn mower:

  • Fortune500 companies and tech startups hire her as a consultant.

  • Her degree in business management has an emphasis in entrepreneurship.

  • As an eating disorder survivor, she has a Life PhD in bravely navigating first impressions.

  • She has over a decade of experience as a successful business owner.

  • Songwriting gives her super sharp word-smithing skills.

  • She cuts through the nonsense with a smile

Her clients and students will tell she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to their creative careers.

3 Enrollment Options

DIY Students


  • Twice-Monthly Masterclasses

  • Community Forum

  • Patron Library

  • Guest Expert Library

CORE Students


  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Bravery 101 Class & Bare Naked Bravery Audiobook

  • Podcast Interview

  • Everything in DIY

VIP Students


  • Twice-Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Unlimited Email Coaching

  • Access to Entire Masterclass Library

  • Everything in DIY & CORE!

(or scroll down for more info on each level!)


D.I.Y. Students

Enroll at $25/month and you’ll receive:

Twice-Monthly Masterclasses

Each month we dive deep into one of the 12 ingredients of bravery. The class topics are selected, researched, and prepared with the needs of current students in mind. Students can submit questions in advance to include in the class materials. Each class ends with a Q&A session for mini-coaching and applied learning.

All school-wide events are hosted online via Zoom. Live attendance is strongly encouraged & highly beneficial. However, if you’re unable to attend live, replays are available for 30 days before going into the School Archives.

The School of Bravery Community Forum

In the School of Bravery community Facebook group, you can catch a surprise mini-class via Facebook live or join us for a pop-up bravery challenge! You can also bounce ideas off other students for those moments when your bravery needs a little boost (i.e. “Is this spontaneous idea terrible?” or “What would you do in this circumstance?”)

Patron Library

As a reminder that practicing bravery is a life-long journey which requires consistent process and progress, you’ll get access to Emily Ann’s Patron Library with all her unreleased songs, demos, and writings. Watch the life-cycle of a song from inception to “empty nest” when she finally releases each piece into the world.

Guest Expert Library

Every day Emily Ann’s work crosses paths with experts in other industries. Occasionally they get together to record a special interview or training for the student of The School of Bravery! Here are just a few:

Core Students

Enroll at $111/month, you’ll receive everything above AND:

Weekly Office Hours

Question about your creative vision? Want to know the in’s and out’s of making your creative bravery easier? During weekly office hours, Emily Ann will unpack ideas and solutions for your business, life, and creativity. Send her a question any time of day, any day of the week, via Voxer (a walkie-talkie mobile app) and she’ll walk you through every step along the way.

This is a great coaching tool for those with busy and “weird” travel schedules!

Bravery 101 Class

a 4-week (or self-paced) class series on the basics of using your courage in creative ways. Bravery 101 includes four 60-min classes outlining the 12 ingredients of bravery - each week contains a simple, daily, bravery building homework assignment.

Bare Naked Bravery Audiobook

Emily Ann will narrate her bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous directly into your eager ears. Listen back to the parts that remind you why your unique bravery is needed in the world.

Podcast Interview

All Core Students get an opportunity to tell their story on the School of Bravery podcast. Practice your publicity and interview skills while stretching your put-yourself-out-there muscles!


V.I.P. Students

Enroll at $411/month, you’ll receive everything above AND:

Twice-Monthly 1-on-1 Creative Consulting Sessions

Nothing compares to face-to-face. The immediacy of assurance and the magic of creative brainstorming is priceless for a business owner and creative visionary. It’s all about creating your greatest work yet and then putting it OUT THERE for the world to see!

Overwhelm is not a friend of bravery, so you’ll walk away from each session with a small handful of tangible next steps to take.

Together, we can accomplish things like:

  • write 30+ days of pre-scheduled email marketing

  • uncover the magic scheduling combination

  • write & self-publish your (next) book, finally

  • fall in love with the perfect software for your business (software is never an one-size-fits-all situation)

  • iron out the wrinkles in your automated systems and holistic productivity

  • smooth your furrowed brow right before a big career moment

  • hold the reigns of your social media without losing your sanity

  • build the highest converting sales page you’ve ever put your hands on

**Your VIP enrollment qualifies you to receive a 40% discount on additional private sessions, if you’re “in the thick of it” and need additional support during things like launch weeks, product creation, website overhauls, or other seasons of bravery.

Unlimited Email Coaching

Need to bounce your new sales page copy off Emily Ann for her thumbs up? Have a crazy courageous business need between sessions? Shoot Emily Ann an email. You can talk it all out together via email!

Masterclass Archives

access ALL the replay videos of every previous masterclass for the duration of your student status!

Students & Clients are saying...


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...after Erin Mae attended the  Picking Your Price  Masterclass!

...after Erin Mae attended the Picking Your Price Masterclass!

from an Office Hours exchange, after asking for feedback on a new product launch and getting  heaps  of help in response!

from an Office Hours exchange, after asking for feedback on a new product launch and getting heaps of help in response!

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