Membership Rates

I don't list the membership prices online because I want you to reach out and connect before finances hit the equation. 

A student's membership in my cello studio is based upon my personal teaching philosophy: Every person can learn to enjoy the cello. If you're interested in cello lessons and joining the studio, contact me!  Your first lesson is no-strings-attached and you don't need a cello for it.

I'm not in the business of undervaluing the learning process (or myself.)

This is why I don't offer full scholarships. It's a proven fact that if you invest something you're more likely to value and be committed to that thing.

You are a reflection of all your skills, time, connections, and priorities!

I teach holistically. Regarding tuition, this means that I see my students as possessing infinitely more resources and value to me than simply cash to pay my rent. When a student cannot afford the full price of lessons, we have a separate brainstorm session for creative compensation to supplement the portion of tuition they cannot afford with cash. 

Multiplier Effect: a commitment to supporting local NW businesses

Every action you take has a reaction. When a "scholarship" student commits and invests in cello lessons, in turn, I make a commitment to re-invest that money into the local economy.  A scholarship student is guaranteed to know their money has an even greater multiplier effect on the local Puget Sound community.