Promote Your Episode!

Helping us spread the news will help your episode's algorithm get bumped to the top of iTunes. I've already scheduled tweets and posts to go out in our rotation. Liking & retweeting those as you are mentioned will help immensely too!  

Please help us spread the word from your end too.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any more questions!


~ Emily Ann


Here are the links…

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Your episode's image will be sent to you by my production team close to the date of your publish date. Any other images are available for your use in the media kit.

Before Your Episode Goes Live

A simple tweet, email, or facebook post is really great. It'll help "warm up" your audience to get their ears ready! Here are a few sample posts you can copy & paste:

  • Keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground! My podcast episode on The School of Bravery will be out in the near future!

  • I'm ready for my guest interview on The School of Bravery podcast soon. Keep an eye out!

  • I'm recording my interview for The School of Bravery this week. What questions should I answer for y'all?

After Your Episode Goes Live


1) Email is best! This can be as simple as adding a "PS" to the bottom of a previously scheduled email! We've noticed that guests who get the most out of these iTunes algorithms are those who email their newsletter lists. (A bcc email to friends/family count!)  Here's an example I've seen work well: 

"PS - My interview on Emily Ann Peterson’s podcast The School of Bravery just went live! Take a listen here:  "

2) Social Media works wonders. - Like I said, I've already scheduled about a bunch of tweets to go out in my own social media rotation. Liking & retweeting/re-sharing those as you are mentioned will help immensely. You can spread the word from your end too…


My interview with @emilyapeterson on the #SchoolofBravery podcast just went live! Check it out: - Click to Tweet

I jumped into the #SchoolofBravery with @emilyapeterson - Listen to the episode here: - Click to Tweet

Did you hear? My interview with @emilyapeterson on the #SchoolofBravery podcast turned out great! - Click to Tweet


- Copy/paste one the above tweets and Share on Facebook

- Private facebook messages are great too! but be careful with mass group facebook messages. Those can get annoying, fast.


- A couple pictures are attached for you to use however you'd like, just make sure to use the hashtag #SchoolofBravery and tag me in it - @emilyannpete

- Here's a solid list of hashtags to copy/paste: #podcast #podcaster #episode #bravery #courage #creativity #braveheart #creativecourage #couragedearheart #bravesoul #brave #hero #heroic

3) Join and introduce yourself to the The School of Bravery Facebook Group! This is optional, but highly effective especially if you're want to be present for anyone who might have questions directly for you. Using a picture of yourself is a great way to start.

Note: This group can sniff out "smarmy" sales tactics like a well-trained bloodhound, so if you're warm, authentic, and helpful they'll LOVE you.

Again, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!


~ Emily Ann Peterson