Why You Need a Piece of Cake

Duh. You deserve it! But also... You need Piece of Cake Copy if you’ve spent the last *cough cough* hours staring at a blank page and blinking cursor. It's more than likely that one or more of the following has also happened:

  • Your web designer lovingly (and persistently?) winked in this direction after the words "tongue-tied" or "writer's block" were uttered from your direction.

  • Your bank account tells you that folks never stick around for the "Buy Now" button.

  • Your client calendar tells you you’re as popular as a porcupine at a petting zoo.

Newsflash: Words are the meat and potatoes of your business' success. 

(or quinoa and kale for the health-nuts out there)

Simply put, your lack of words is the only thing holding back your career from being the best thing since Beyonce's birth announcement.

So if you're...

  • beginning to see those blinking cursors even with your eyes closed
  • less than confident with your writing (or marketing) skills than you care to admit
  • simply wanting a professional wordsmith’s take on a draft you’ve already created.


Your new secret weapon is a songwriter!

Piece of Cake Copy - EmilyAnnPeterson.com.jpg

Songwriters have an uncanny ability to clearly communicate realllllllly complicated subjects (i.e. love, peace, and war.) It's pretty magical.

Small businesses around the world find Emily Ann Peterson’s songstress ink slinging to be handier than a pocket in a dress. She can wrangle words & emotions like a crusty cowboy, which is why badass (yet bashful) business owners trust her to make their dreams come true and words rise from the dead.

She's also a bestselling author of Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous and host of the top-rated podcast & online community of the same name.

Her skills are sharp and she knows how to use fear like a lawn mower.

Emily Ann's perspective and magical word glitter isn’t just fluff, it’s the stuff that turns the bashful into the BOLD.


(drum roll please!)


Piece of Cake Copy

with Emily Ann Peterson

Save that panic attack for when you really need it.

Give your eyes a break from staring at that damn blinking cursor.

Eliminate the excuse for the seemingly endless procrastination.

Get your hand held through the entire writing process.



How It Works:

  1. Make your purchase and choose from any combination of the following: Home Page, About Me Page, Services Page, or Sales Page. (see below)

  2. Fill out the questionnaire to get to the bottom of what your page is hoping to accomplish. Hooray for multiple choice questions! Three cheers for incomplete sentences and brain dumps! It’ll take about the same the length of time as having tea with your grandma or 2 happy hour drinks with your BFF.

  3. Reserve a block of writing time in Emily Ann's calendar. When you’ve answered all the questions to the best of your ability, you’ll get prompted to block a time in Emily Ann’s schedule. Note: The current book-out time is 1-3 weeks. At the scheduled date and time Emily will roll up her sleeves, tie back her hair, sharpen her pencil, and crack open her thesaurus. Previous clients describe it as “How did you do that?!” and “Whaaa? That’s magical!”

  4. Receive a google doc with your final copy. It'll come with all sorts of notes and suggestions for ways to tweak and adjust! You’ll then have an expertly-edited, crystal clear collection of words ready for the world to see!

Why yes, you *can* have your (copy) cake and eat it too!


No hourly rates.

No sneaky fees.

No revisions.


Let's find the perfect words for your website.





Wait. No Revisions? Why not?

Excellent question. Piece of Cake Copywriting is like a facial - The detailed questionnaires allow Emily Ann to take your bare naked, imperfect, and beautiful collection of tender words into her loving hands. She’ll smooth wrinkles, eliminate impurities, and minimize pores. You’ll be left with words that are fresh and ready to take on the world wide web!

There are a couple reasons it works this way 1) The Piece of Cake questionnaires provide Emily Ann with waaaay more than enough material to create the perfect bundle of copy. 2) Keeping the process quick, simple, and streamlined is a high priority for everyone involved, including your web designer!

You’ll receive a Google Doc with Emily Ann’s professional take and a few suggestions for ways to change, tweak, or edit things. To continue with the facial metaphor, this is similar to a post-facial consult with suggested ways to keep up the fresh feel!

Traditional copywriting experience would involve a series of revisions, but we all know you’re in a time crunch and need something amazing from the get-go so you can get going!


Can I hire Emily Ann for full-service Copywriting and Marketing Consulting?

Sure! Set up an initial 15-min chat with her here.


What’s the difference between these 4 options?

The homepage is the first thing someone will see/read after arriving to your website. Think of it like your website's butler. Folks need to know they’re in the right place and if they should take off their shoes before entering. They’ll want to know where things are and what they should do.

A service page is a “you do what?” page. It’s the not full monty, just a summary of each type of service you offer your customers. Your customers will want to get the gist behind what makes you tick and why you might do things a bit differently than others. (aka why they should pick you!) If they’re interested, they can click on a particular service and learn more. This will take them to…

...Your sales page, which is the in depth snapshot of that particular service or product. It’ll have your customer’s struggles, your product/service’s benefits and features, a how-it-works section, testimonials, proof, pictures, and more! It's typically pretty lengthy because your customers will want all that information. (Hint: You're reading a sales page right now.)

The About page is often a highly underutilized tool in your website tool belt. People want to hear your story, but what they really want to hear about is how that affects *them.* Narcissism isn’t sexy, but we're all susceptible. So the trick with these pages is to frame your story around your customers’ experience working with you. These are some of my favorite pages to write because I love people so much!


What if I want to purchase all 4 pages?

By all means! Go for it! Just click one of the purchase buttons and you’ll be prompted to add as many additional pages as you’d like.


I don’t want cutesy phrases or curse words on my website. Is that okay?

Of course! Just make sure to mention this in the questionnaire and Emily Ann will “tone things down.” However, please note that poking fun and enjoying life is a natural state of being for Emily Ann. Again, this is why your final google doc will include suggestions or potential alterations to turn up or down the volume on certain aspects of your copy.


What happens if I don’t love my Piece of Cake? Do I get revisions then?

This service is intended for folks who are totally fed up with this part of their website. Emily Ann is here to get things going in the right direction! Yes, she’s a professional, but she knows that copy is a very personal thing. It’s natural to not love every single word. That’s only human. This is why her delivered google doc will contain suggestions for changes or tweaks. If you should choose to go in those directions, go for it! But you’ll also be fine publishing as is because after all, she is a pro.


I already have a little bit written—do I still need to use your questionnaire?

Great! and absolutely, yes. The questionnaire is structured to create  an optimal, time-tested, online marketing approved page that works. Let’s start from there.


Once I buy, how long do I have to fill out my questionnaire?

That’s up to you and your designer’s deadlines. Emily Ann’s calendar fills up quickly, so the sooner the better. After submitting your questionnaire, you’ll then be prompted to block out a time in Emily Ann’s calendar.


I'm nervous because I'm unfamiliar with Google docs...

Emily Ann will deliver your copy in Google doc format, so it’s good to be a little familiar with how that works. (Here's a pretty good tutorial if you need it.) Although it’s pretty intuitive for most folks accustomed to Word docs. The google doc will contain all her notes and suggestions too. 




Let's Get This Party Started!