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The research for my book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous started with a podcast which continues today as a free supplemental resource for students of The School of Bravery.


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Emily Ann Peterson (live EP)

Acts of neurological defiance break through creative glass ceilings. This is proof. 

With roots in Texas & Georgia, Emily Ann Peterson spent over 17 years as a cellist collaboratively writing songs with her colleagues & singing along when asked. That is until late 2013 when she was diagnosed with a degenerative tremor in her right hand. 

Refusing to resign to fate and genetics, she expanded and wrote these songs.


released October 20, 2014

All songs written and performed by Emily Ann Peterson (BMI)  Recorded live at Urban Grace in Tacoma, WA by Joonior Studios. Engineers: Chris Mathews Jr. & Matt Kimball
Filmed and edited by Chris Mathews Jr. 
Photography by Scott Haydon

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Midwinter Midnights, Vol. 1

I love Christmas, it's my favorite and the most wonderful time of the year. I love it so much I've lost sleep over it, recording my favorite Christmas songs, just for you!


released November 26, 2015

All Instrumentation by Emily Ann Peterson: Vocals, Piano, Cello, Sparkly Maraca, Glockenspiel, Hot Pink Egg Shaker, Organ, Bass, Ukulele, Tenor Guitar, & Sleigh Bells

Production & Engineering by Emily Ann Peterson
Mastering by Chris Mathews Jr. 
Album Photography by Cliff Rosson
Cover Design by The Magnolia Agency

Special Thanks to My Patrons: Nicholas Herring, Cindy Peterson, Margaret Ann Martin, and James Lenhardt


Resonance: The Value of Shared Experiences


Cello Yoga - Ebb & Flow

An integrative approach to supporting yogic and other active listening practices with cello. 

released December 20, 2014

Songs written & performed by Emily Ann Peterson (BMI) 

Written and recorded in 4 days at The Cottage Studio in Tacoma, WA
Co-Production by Emily Ann Peterson
Co-production, Mixing & Engineering by Kirsten Wenlock

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