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The Basic Requirements

  1. Do you have access to a space for a concert? living room, backyard, yoga studio, hair salon, garage, community room in an apartment complex, library, church, art studio/gallery, theatre… 

  2. Do you know at least 20 adults that would want to come to the show?  This should be a special night for you and your friends. Fewer than 20 guests can get awkward, fast. Trust me.  You will need to commit to this number of guests (or more.)

    • If 20 or more people is a hard thing to commit to, you could pair up with a friend to do a co-hosted event – Twice the friends to invite! & Twice the help!

The Cost

This experience does not have to cost you anything.

There is much to be gained when we live within our means and have fun doing it! Personally, I really love BYOBC&D’s.  (Bring your own buddy/blanket, chairs, and drinks.) & Potlucks are always a wonderful idea.  Some hosts will want to provide their guests food and drinks, but this is up to you.


What's Involved?

It's very simple. I bring the music. You supply the living room and bring the people. [Tip: The best shows are calm, relaxed, candlelit affairs.]

Does It Cost Anything?

Nope. It certainly does not have to cost a cent. If you wanted to provide food or drinks, yes of course those things will cost some. But not much!

How Many People?

I need a minimum of 20 people for it to feel like a show. If that seems like a stretch, co-host with someone else. "With our powers combined...!"

How Many People Can You Play to?

The more the better. Don't worry about too many people attending. Even in a small living room, you can fit a lot of people. A good show needs atmosphere and that comes to a full room of eager ears. A crowded room makes for a real event. 

Do your best to get as many people as possible, but above all, don't tell people not to come or that it will be too full.

What is the Performance Like?

People will ask you what kind of music I play... Just say "Adele meets Joni Mitchell on a piano in my living room."

& For audiences that don't understand English, rest easy. My melodies are very easy on the ears.

How Long Is A Show?

I usually play two 45-minute sets of music. A break in the middle allows for leg-stretching and such.

I will try to arrive at 5pm. Shows normally start at 7pm and finish at 9:30pm. But we can adjust with whatever fits best for the audience. [Tip: Sunday late afternoons can be fantastic times for a concert!]

Where Do People Sit?

Don't worry about arranging lots of extra chairs. Blankets, cushions, floor space are great. We'll get it all arranged when I arrive to your house. (Some hosts even ask guests to bring extra blankets or pillows.)

Do I Have to Provide Food/Drinks?

My favorite is BYOBBC&D house shows. (Bring your own Buddy, Chair, & Drink.) 

Some hosts provide food, snacks, and drinks. Some host a potluck. Some just provide coffee and tea. This is up to you.

How Do I Get People To Attend?

Friends and family are key. Word of mouth, phone calls, or snail-mail invitations are always best. Email invites are also great. Social Media can be spotty, do it, but don't depend on it. 

I will provide you with a poster and email header. Super snazzy.

Do I Need a Sound System? 

Indoors: Nope! I can sing quite loud. if you don't have a piano already in your house, I'll be using my keyboard and small amp.

Outdoors: If you concert is outdoors, let me know. We can figure out whether a sound system is needed.

What About Lighting?

Lots of candlelight and soft lamps are best for a nice atmosphere.

Emily, Where Do You Sleep?

I usually sleep in the house I play in or at a friend's house nearby. I typically travel with a sleeping bag. If you are unable to provide a place for me to sleep, let me know. I can arrange for other lodging. 

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