002: You'll Never Be Younger Than You Are Now - SIOLO THOMPSON

In today's episode we get to talk with Siolo Thompson. If you haven't heard of her yet, then I am so stoked to introduce you to her. She and I know each other through the music/art scene in here Seattle, WA. 

Siolo is a self taught visual artist and also the creator of the gorgeous Linestrider Tarot Deck and Scrying Ink Tarot Deck. She also illustrated the book, "The Better Bombshell" where writers and artists redefine the female role model.

I've so enjoyed talking with Siolo about creative entrepreneurship in the past, that I couldn't resist inviting her to join us today. She's a total powerhouse when it comes to knowing how to value her contributions and art in an analytical and straightforward way, which as you'll soon learn... it's something I adore seeing in my peers because I know it to be one of the greatest factors in being brave.

A lot of folks who know Siolo Thompson as a visual artist don't know how she got her start in the work of visual art, or at least I didn't when I first met her. This is where we jump into today's brave conversation...

Brave Take-Aways

Okay, so beyond the Bare Naked Bravery Adult Coloring Book, your Brave Take-Away from today's show is *super* special. Siolo has created a special surprise for the Bare Naked Bravery listeners. It's gorgeous and you'll definitely want to get it as soon as possible.

Siolo has created 4 Bathroom Mirror Bravery Reminders for you!

Keep in Touch with Siolo Thompson

website: http://siolothompson.com
website: http://bayandwillow.com
instagram: http:/instagram.com/siolothompson

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I'm looking forward to being with you next week. We have some great things in store for you! 

Until then I have one message for you. It's this: Be yourself. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Because the world needs more of your Bare Naked Bravery.

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