ps009: What To Do When You're Addicted to False Highs

I've had some experience in the realms of addiction.

I've also more recently had some experience with the serious let-downs of being addicted to the false sense of high that comes from setting big dreams and big goals for yourself.

This Peep Show episode is all about that. And like all the other Peep Show Episodes on Bare Naked Bravery, this episode exists to give you peep behind the curtain in my life around the ways I am personally experiencing bravery on a day-to-day basis.

In this peep show I talk about addictions, I tell you a quick story about a "failure" I recently encountered, and I relay some advice I was given by a trusted advisor. 

For our US listeners...

I also share a really excellent tool for your own political resistance: ResistBot! It'll send faxes to your representatives on your behalf, get this, VIA TEXT MESSAGE! All you have to do is text "resist" to 50409. 

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