001: Giving Up & Getting Up with NAOMI WACHIRA

In today's episode of Bare Naked Bravery we talk with Naomi Wachira, an artist of formidable talent and heart. I have always been struck by her life's story as one of the most dynamic displays of courage I could possibly summon up from my imagination. Naomi grew up in Kenya, left for the US at the ripe age of 19, and managed to become a successful singer/songwriter AND a single mom to a beautiful girl. 

Seattle Music Insider raves her performances as "marked by her strong stage presence, storytelling and enduring smile." I wholeheartedly agree. Naomi's musical voice is a melding of rich sources from her childhood in Kenya, her Northwest home, and American inspirations like Tracy Chapman and South African activist Miriam Makeba. Her music & songwriting brings together harmonies that speak across continents and cultures. Today we get to talk with her while she's in the midst of recording her sophomore album "Song of Lament."

We also talk about maintaining your innocence, calling back to yourself, citizenship, grief, songwriting, motherhood, and creative solutions for getting up when all you want to do is give up.

Brave Take-Aways

I just love Naomi. so. much!

So today's Brave Take-Aways come in the form of 3 questions. I want you to just mull them over for yourself this week. See what you come up with:

- What are *your* reminders to remember who you really are? 
- How do *you* call yourself back to the present?
- How often do *you* allow yourself to give up and get back up?

If you're game to share your answers, do it! I'd love to hear all about it. You can find Naomi Wachira and myself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Go ahead and tag us so we can cheer you on and see what you're up to.

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