016: Selfies, Self-Image, and Finding Belonging with visual artist BETHANY WRAY

Bethany Wray joins us today all the way from a magical place which is also how I came to know her. Bethany currently resides at the Grunewald Guild in Leavenworth, WA. You'll hear some more about the Grunewald Guild and what it does for artists like Bethany and myself.

Since Bethany is a super-gifted visual artist, she and I talk about the visual side of finding your sense of self. We talk about the role vulnerability, social media, and how scary it is to ask someone to actually see you. We also discuss what it means to find a new place of belonging, especially as a spiritual being and visual artist. Towards the end, Bethany drops the mic multiple times around this topic too.

Bethany has worked for a number of art non-profit organizations including the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A large part of her work at the Grunewald Guild involves creating safe and welcoming spaces for people to engage art. Her experience in art education has created the desire for art to be accessible to all and for everyone to have the courage to view themselves as an artist.

When Bethany isn't working, she is off exploring the natural surroundings of her backyard, busily working in the studio, or enjoying the company of her Holland Lop rabbit named Franklin - who makes a precious appearance later in the conversation.

Brave Take-Away

Your Brave Take-Away from today's show is to find that one random thing that will bring you nourishment. And I'm talking holistic nourishment of your whole being, not just health-wise, so ice cream cones do count for this.

Just take a moment today to ask yourself what would REALLY nourish you and then take a small (or big) step towards doing that.

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