Corporate Offerings

I offer “musical TEDtalks” for Fortune500 companies, startups, and conferences that inspire audiences to take more risks and  foster innovation. Together, we practice true bravery.

My main subjects of expertise are:

  • bravery in the boardroom
  • courageous creativity & productivity
  • friction-free audience growth
  • customer-centric marketing

Keynote & Workshop Topics

please note: all topics are a 45-90 min lecture & concert combo

* denotes availability as a full-day workshop


  • “I received INCREDIBLE feedback. I got so many emails and even had teammates I passed in the hall who made comments. Thank you again!”

    GVP, Enterprise Operational Risk & Inclusion at SunTrust Bank

  • “It was a wonderful session and touched on so much that is happening in my life. It brought up feelings that I didn't know I was suppressing. I am sooo glad I was able to join. Thanks to everyone that had something to do with the event.”

    SunTrust Bank

  • “Emily Ann Peterson is a rare combination of inspiration and practical execution. Not your typical consultant, coach or singer-songwriter, for sure! She has a gift of seeing things and figuring out systems to see them through.”

    brand strategist & coach

Courage & Bravery

Why We Need Your Bravery

The Cycle of Creativity & Courage

Using Your Limitations & Innovating Beyond Borders

The 12 Ingredients of Bravery*

Vulnerability = Honesty + Risk + Context

Imagination = Vision of Possibility + Defiant Expectation + Constraints

Improvisation = Friction + Intuition + Power of Choice

Music & Creativity

How to Be a Weirdo in the Music Biz & Make It Work for You

Getting Started with Songwriting*

What Makes a Song/Concert/Musician/Podcast/Book “Good?”

Finding Your Never-Ending Source of Inspiration

Using Creative Skills in Unlikely Places

Creating a Disciplined Approach to Prolific Creativity

Stage Fright: The Boldest & Best Ways to Overcome It*

Workplace & Entrepreneurship

Speaking Up with Risky Ideas

Going Solo & Striking Out on Your Own

The One Thing Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Why Your Employees Need Brave Leaders

Marketing Yourself with Full-On Bravery

Why You Need a Solid Team & How to Hire Your First Assistant

3 Required Skills to Build Your Bank Account

Leaping & Landing with Both Feet on Solid Ground

How Your Multi-Dimensionality is Crucial to Your Success

Using Bravery to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Automate Your Business: Make Space for More Imagination

Stage Fright: The Boldest & Best Ways to Overcome It

Mental Health & Wellness

Life After an Eating Disorder*

Self-Love in a World of Self-Loathing

Preparing for Seasons of Bravery

Expression: The #1 Tool for Building Bravery*

Overcoming Challenges with Grace & Grit

Being Different is Your Best Asset

Using Your Limitations & Innovating Beyond Borders

Conversational Acrobatics & Enforcing Relational Boundaries

Finding Your Way from Rock Bottom*

Battling Depression with the Bravery of Forgiveness

How to Nurse Rejection Wounds Without Appearing Spineless

Doubting Divorce? 3 Questions to Ask Before “The Talk”

Gender Roles & Inclusion

How to Break Your Glass Ceiling, Finally

Why We Need to Be Brave for Each Other

Overcoming Challenges with Grace & Grit

Being Different is Your Best Asset

Sexual Harassment: Bravery in Impossible Situations

Make Your Greatest Living Yet

How to Eradicate Starving Artist Mindset

In this workshop, attendees will discover how to bravely move through their Starving Artist Mindset to craft a living made with confidence and generosity. Using Emily Ann's own bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous, Jeff Goins' Real Artists Don't Starve and Emilie Wapnick's How to Be Everything, attendees will learn:

  • The spectrum of business models for musicians & multipotentialites
  • How to choose your worth & price yourself without cringing
  • How to expand your vision of possibility & spot unique, profitable opportunities
  • How to reframe and lean on ALL your skills, especially your songwriter skills, to create a lucrative & meaningful living

Automating Your Career & Creativity

Using Productivity Principles & Technology as Power Tools

Creative visionaries wear all the hats, often all at once. So how does one not drown in an overwhelming to-do list?! Emily Ann Peterson, songwriter and bestselling author of Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous walks you through her favorite software/robots for career creatives. Attendees will learn how to pick the right tool and receive an introduction to tools that help to:

  • create a system for DIY booking
  • organize & automate your next album production/release 
  • build a membership site for your patrons
  • automate scheduling and payments for music lessons
  • up-level your creative output
  • automate your social media without faking it

Executive Coaching & Consulting

I also work with decision-makers who want to grow their company and career with courageous leadership.

I don't work with everyone, so please book a pro-bono inquiry call if you think you're up for a life-altering challenge.


TEDx Lecture on Resonance


About a month after my official diagnosis (degenerative neurological hand tremor) and the day before I left for a 6-week artist residency, I gave a lecture at TEDxTacoma on the topic of "Resonance" and how we can value shared experiences. 

 6 months later I began the research for what would later become my book...