Corporate Offerings

I offer “musical TEDtalks” and consulting to Fortune500 companies, start-ups, and large corporations.

The main subjects available are:

  • audience strategy
  • bravery in the boardroom
  • courageous creativity
  • friction-free growth
  • marketing & copywriting

Keynote & Workshop Topics

please note: all topics are a 45-90 min lecture & concert combo

* denotes availability as a full-day workshop


Courage & Bravery

Why We Need Your Bravery

The Cycle of Creativity & Courage

Using Your Limitations & Innovating Beyond Borders

The 12 Ingredients of Bravery*

Vulnerability = Honesty + Risk + Context

Imagination = Vision of Possibility + Defiant Expectation + Constraints

Improvisation = Friction + Intuition + Power of Choice

Music & Creativity

How to Be a Weirdo in the Music Biz & Make It Work for You

Getting Started with Songwriting*

What Makes a Song/Concert/Musician/Podcast/Book “Good?”

Finding Your Never-Ending Source of Inspiration

Using Creative Skills in Unlikely Places

Creating a Disciplined Approach to Prolific Creativity

Stage Fright: The Boldest & Best Ways to Overcome It*

Workplace & Entrepreneurship

Speaking Up with Risky Ideas

Going Solo & Striking Out on Your Own

The One Thing Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Why Your Employees Need Brave Leaders

Marketing Yourself with Full-On Bravery

Why You Need a Solid Team & How to Hire Your First Assistant

3 Required Skills to Build Your Bank Account

Leaping & Landing with Both Feet on Solid Ground

How Your Multi-Dimensionality is Crucial to Your Success

Using Bravery to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Automate Your Business: Make Space for More Imagination

Stage Fright: The Boldest & Best Ways to Overcome It

Mental Health & Wellness

Life After an Eating Disorder*

Self-Love in a World of Self-Loathing

Preparing for Seasons of Bravery

Expression: The #1 Tool for Building Bravery*

Overcoming Challenges with Grace & Grit

Being Different is Your Best Asset

Using Your Limitations & Innovating Beyond Borders

Conversational Acrobatics & Enforcing Relational Boundaries

Finding Your Way from Rock Bottom*

Battling Depression with the Bravery of Forgiveness

How to Nurse Rejection Wounds Without Appearing Spineless

Doubting Divorce? 3 Questions to Ask Before “The Talk”

Gender Roles & Feminism

How to Break Your Glass Ceiling, Finally

Why We Need to Be Brave for Each Other

Overcoming Challenges with Grace & Grit

Being Different is Your Best Asset

Sexual Harassment: Bravery in Impossible Situations