Congratulations!  I'm sooo happy you found this little coloring book! 

This book is a collection of 21 designs from 12 international visual artists. 

Now, YOU are poised to take this creative "baton" and finish the race bravely! You are also cordially invited to spread your bravery far & wide... 

On behalf of ALL of us involved in making this coloring book, I want to thank you for joining us in celebrating bravery across the world. You have a big role in that! 

Should you accept this invitation, please take the following steps...

Step 1: Get your pencils, markers, paint, lipstick, mascara, highlighters, etc.

Step 2: Finish the pages in whatever way your heart desires. Inside the lines. Outside the lines. Drawing new lines...

Step 3: Listen to the podcast while you color! Available on iTunes!

Step 4: Share your finished pages on Instagram by tagging the artist, @barenakedbravery and using the hashtag #barenakedbravery

Step 5: Vote on your favorite international, brave charity to receive the proceeds of the paperback version when it comes out in September! Cast your vote below.

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Note: The paperback version will be available on Amazon soon! All proceeds go to 4 nonprofits doing brave work around the world, voted upon by our listeners!

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