An integrative approach: supporting Yogic practice with live cello

Emily joins yoga teachers to become a holistically-minded duo. As a team, they create an atmosphere to support their class' yoga practice for that unique day. 

Using a tuning of the cello that easily resonates with the body, Emily composes tailored songs in key signatures (foundational music theory structures) that accentuate particular meridians or chakras in the body.

Emily uses a looping pedal and her cello to create completely unique compositions using multiple layers of cello supporting that day's yoga practice. Her knowledge of the human body and music allows her to craft sounds and vibrations that encourage movement and growth appropriate for that day's practice. 

"The right music can provide the inspiration to guide a class (or be guided in a class) into new directions that the teacher or students might never have imagined before." - Andrea Drugay

Just like the movements in the body during a yoga class, the sounds from the cello during a class will never be received in exactly the same way. Students who know how unique these songs are often mention a greater motivation and ability to be present in the offerings of that day's class.

Contact Emily to find out how you can get integrative live cello music in your yoga studio's calendar.

The classes joined by Emily and her cello are often the highest attended classes at a yoga studio. Students are known to schedule their vacations around these Cello Yoga classes! 



Emily Ann’s music is far from just background entertainment. It is another healing modality that adds an entirely new vibrational depth to the practice. Great for teaching with pulse and rhythm; an incredible enhancement to any flow-style asana practice.
— Kate Fontana, Executive Director, Samdhana-Karana Yoga
As a yoga teacher, music is an important tool I use in my teaching. So having Emily play her cello live for my yoga class just seemed to be the next step.

The moment she plays the first note a sense of ease flows through the class like a deep sigh. Emily’s music has a grounding force that reaches in and settles you.

With the depth of Emily’s music, I’m able to take the class through a beautiful arch of movement from the warm up to peak poses and down into savasana. It’s as if every note is supporting each breath of our practice. Emily’s own yoga practice enhances her ability to know just what notes to play. There is sure to be a full classroom when she plays. I know I’m not the only one that thinks it is truly a gift to have her and her cello at my classes.
— Pamela Higley, E-RYT, Founder of Samdhana-Karana Yoga
Emily’s music is so rich and healing, a complete healing technology all on it’s own. It is the perfect complement to Pamela’s teaching. I always leave this class feeling incredibly grounded and open. This class may well be the best thing I’ve experienced at SKY!
— studio member, Samdhana-Karana Yoga - Tacoma, WA
Having the cello in class was soothing and resonated with the body conduits! Before class I felt antsy. After class I felt loving! The cello specifically helped me from being distracted.
— studio member, Samdhana-Karana Yoga - Tacoma, WA
Occasionally I was holding tightness or stress in my jaw and thighs, but the cello completely helped me to re-focus on the moment and enjoy!
— Audrey Frick, studio member at Samdhana Karana Yoga - Tacoma, WA