Empowering Others to Do What They Do Best

Fons: Tech Startup

The tech startup founder and CEO of Fons reached out to me because I was one of the first adopters of their baby-fresh, brand-new software to organize my billing and scheduling. They were sitting on a gold mine of life-changing software for client-based businesses but they needed help with copywriting, messaging, creative marketing, and consulting for their growth strategy.

Side-by-side, their CEO Eric Branner and I found the pieces of their messaging to ensure the highest conversion rates possible. We mapped out plans for content and email marketing. We refined their social media campaigns for high optimization. With the help of their genius graphic designer and software developers, we tailored sales pages for constant growth and ensured their app is the height of life-changing for their users. We continue this work today, by additionally brokering business partnerships around mutual admiration and by building a network of content creators and influencers...

All of this work is founded upon an emphasis in being excellent human beings who care about helping other and empowering small businesses to do what they do best.