hosted by Emily Ann Peterson, cello teacher, singer/songwriter & creative entrepreneur

I've been running my private teaching studio for over 10 years now. I can hardly believe time has flown so quickly!

This job comes with a steep learning curve for most musicians, especially for the ones that wouldn't call themselves "business saavy."

Enter The Business of Bravery. You're welcome. ;)


You've mastered your instrument,

now master your teaching studio.

The first trial lesson I gave... 

was the first lesson that wasn't for a neighbor kid.  I was SO nervous. 

Would they approve of my playing? 
Would they like my teaching style? 
What WAS my teaching style? 
What if they just hated me?!  
Oh god, what if my lesson rates were too high. 
Maybe I could negotiate lesson prices. 
What if my prices were too low? 
Was this even a profession that I could live off of? 
Would I like doing this?

I was overcome with terror. 

I simply couldn't talk straight. 
It was a terrible trial lesson. I knew it, and so did the poor future-cellist. 

Needless to say, they chose a different teacher. This left me knowing deep in my gut that

I was sure there was a better way...


It takes the average music teacher ~5 years to build a full-time teaching studio from scratch.

You can build your studio in HALF that time.

Here's the deal...

I wanted a mentor/fairy godmother. 

I wanted someone who knew all the secrets of the trade. I wanted advice from a seasoned music teacher veteran.

How did they kept their cool even though the parents were texting/emailing all the time?
How did they have the time to keep a garden when students kept rescheduling their lessons.
How did they had enough money to pay a mortgage?

I also wanted comrades & peers. 

Pioneering and learning how to run a teaching studio felt so lonely. I wanted to know fellow private music teachers in my same position. 

Wasn't everyone else sweating bullets at the end of the month?
Did everyone else have to HUNT DOWN their students for a check?
Was I the only one who saw the flaw in teaching for a music store who took 40% of my hourly rate!?

I wanted to know,

How did they do it?! 


Again, welcome to the class I wish I could've taken 10 years ago...


The Business of Bravery 

for Private Music Teachers


4 Classes in 4 Weeks

Note: Though it is preferred, live attendance is not mandatory. There will be a video of each class sent out to each student. 

1. Make Time

October 5th, 9am PST

  • Regain Control of Your Calendar
  • Put your teaching and administrative time in check.
  • Teach only when you want to teach.
  • Teach as much as you want to teach.

2. Know your $tuff

October 12th, 9am PST

  • How do you fit into your local economic landscape?
  • Learn how to ask for (and get) exactly what your lessons are worth
  • Create rock-solid studio policies to protect you and your students.
  • Set up a payment structure that works for you.
  • Create easy to stick-to systems for keeping track of your bookkeeping.

3. Find Your Students

October 19th, 9am PST

  • Get more students.
  • Get the right students.
  • Create a cloud of easy tasks to reach into whenever you'd like a new student to appear.
  • Create a website that works for you.

4. Automate Your Admin

October 19th, 9am PST

  • Spend more time teaching and less time talking, texting, and typing about it.
  • Create a unique-to-you Studio Policy. Lay it all out upfront.
  • Build a New Student Welcome Packet. Quit repeating yourself.
  • Create easy to stick-to systems for keeping track of your bookkeeping.

Get beyond ready for 2017!


Reserve your spot now before the class fills up!


About Emily Ann Peterson

Emily Ann Peterson is an alumnus of Texas Tech's Rawls College of Business, the Colorado Suzuki Institute, and is a founding-faculty member of the Coda School of Music. 

As a trained Suzuki Teacher, Emily has a private teaching studio with students ranging in age from 4 to 74 years old. Her students are often with her for years and years, which gives her the honor of witnessing first-hand the life-force that comes from the copious benefits of music and the cello in her students' lives.

She uses constraints like a machete and fear like a lawn mower. She knows a belly laugh is required for survival and is no stranger to life on the limb. 

In 2013 she was diagnosed with an Essential Tremor in her right hand which forever altered her livelihood as a cellist and cello teacher. This degenerative neurological disease opened her life's love of expression into wider mediums, specifically songwriting and podcasting. Today you'll find her producing/hosting the podcast Bare Naked Bravery, teaching a her favorite cello students, and writing songs. 

She is the composer behind Cello Yoga. Her full-length folk-pop album, Velveteen, and her first book Rainbows Die & Unicorns Fart: Revealing Creative Courage When Sh*t Hits the Fan release in 2017.

Emily currently holds or has held membership in the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Rock Orchestra, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammys), Fremont Abbey Arts Center, Suzuki Association of the Americas, and New Directions Cello Association.


In This Class You'll Receive...

4 Online Classes & an Accountability Buddy

The 4 classes (Make Time, Know Your$tuff, Find Your Students, and Automate Your Admin) will each be held via the app. It's free to download and super easy to use! Each class will be recorded and emailed out, so you can watch and rewatch to your heart's content!

Each student will pair up with a fellow classmate to catch-up at least once/week outside of class. (Psst! Some say this is the most valuable part of the class!)

Course Perks - Accountability Buddy.png

Weekly Mentorship Hours & Access to the Facebook Group!

While the live class is in session, weekly mentorship office hours will be held via a zoom call. Everyone can log onto the call, ask their questions and get their answers! Again, these calls will be recorded, so you can go back and watch them anytime you'd like!

Additionally, class members will have access to the Facebook group to share your questions, struggles, and celebrations with your Business of Bravery community! This'll be a phenomenal way for you to connect with other teachers just like you, running your teaching studio uniquely and effectively!

Course Perks - Weekly Mentorship.png

Optional Bonuses!

These 3 bonuses exist to reinforce what is already covered in each class. If you need any extra help with your website, creating studio documents, or anything else - I'm happy to help as much as I can!

Course Bonuses - Templates.png

Studio Templates!

Why recreate the wheel? Why try to fix what ain't broke? I'm happy to fork over all my documents for you to customize to your heart's content!

One-on-One Mentorship

Sometimes there are problems or unique situations that require some extra TLC. I'm happy to help and you can pick my brain about anything!

Course Bonuses - Website Tutorial.png

Website Tutorial

If you don't have a website (or at least a good one) then you should spring for this bonus video tutorial, where I will walk you through the process of setting up a website to work for you, not against you.



How does the class meet?

We use the stellar app, - it's free to download right now, if you want to check it out!

Is attendance mandatory? 

Sort of... Yes, attendance is highly preferred. The majority of running a teaching studio is the practice of showing up, right? That said, I completely understand the need to be at your day-job, or teach your students. (Novel idea, eh?) This is why each class will be recorded and emailed out to all the attendees.

What if I can't show up to a class, but still have a lot of questions?

Bring it on! Just make sure you email me all your questions before the class, so I can get to your specific answers.

Will the classes be recorded?

Yep! Even though attendance is mandatory, you'll be able to access the video of each weekly call afterwards.

How long will I have access to the Facebook Group?

Access to the Facebook group is free with the purchase of any portion of the class. Most folks opt to continue paying a small subscription to stay in the group for continued support and community after the class is finished!