Ooooo! Look! Velveteen: a Journal!

A Thing of Beauty!

You are looking at the first piece of merch for my upcoming album release! It's a sneak peek of the part of the album art! (!!!)

Soft matte, hardbound, image-wrapped cover with 200 blank pages sprinkled with lyrics from my upcoming album release!

3 Reasons You'll Enjoy This... 

  1. For those of you that need to keep physical lists, write "Dear Diary," or love to doodle - here's a way to keep the creativity alive in style!
  2. Singer/Songwriters work so hard to craft their lyrics and stitch them together with the music, but us music-lovers don't get to digest those words quite like we used to. Problem solved!
  3. Look at it. It's beautiful.



Also! My Personal Copy is a Reverse Guest Book!

Anyone who comes to a show or house concert over the next season will get a chance to fill my own copy of Velveteen: A Journal with their doodles, and love notes to each other!

You'll get to see and read all the awesome-ness from other parts of the country!

Check out 3 of the gorgeous pieces from last Friday's house concert!