6 Internet Gems Found Just For You

In the last month, I scoured the internet for interesting and lovely tidbits. This is what I collected, just for you!

Finding Great Song Titles and Fresh Angles

I always love to hear how other artists approach their craft and this article takes it one step further... They make a list of popular song titles categorized into musical genres. Super fascinating for the analytical minds out there.

8 Things Top Practicers Do Differently

This one simply reiterates with wonderful clarity how I've always told my students to practice: slowly and with great awareness.

NPR's TED Hour on Storytelling

A songwriter friend told me about this one. (Hi Mandy!) It's got some juicy stories about stories... super meta and a lovely to listen.

10 Questions Every Repatriating Expat Should Consider Before They Leave

If only I had read this in 2006, I would've been so much more prepared to return to the States from Turkey. Talk about reverse culture shock. That one was BRUTAL. Be sure to pass this article on to anyone returning to a 'normal' life.

Texas Tech Alumni (my buddies!) Start an Event Website for Lubbock

If you know me at all, you'll soon find out why I hung out with these dudes while in college. They're all bright problem-solvers who love local culture, economy, and art. 

“Thinking back on it, I was never once bored in Lubbock because either I was the cool friend on campus or I knew people doing things,” Spencer Martin said. “I think the catchphrase of our website is, ‘It’s happening in Lubbock, most people just don’t know where to look.’ We want to capture and promote every single event that’s going on in Lubbock because there’s so much awesomeness happening in the LBK.”

5 Things You Didn't Know About The Woman You Call 'Intimidating'

I mean, I knew all these things before reading this, but this is a pretty great rendering of my dating life... *facepalm*


Have anything else to add? By all means, do share!