I am here. I have something great. I am not going away.

I can't tell you how encouraging it is to spend time with other songwriters who simply love to write songs for the sake of writing songs.

At times the competition and saturation in the music industry is daunting and overwhelming, so it's a breath of fresh air to spend time simply soaking up conversations about excellence in a craft and the simplicity of value and existence as an artist. 

The last week(end) at the Grünewald Guild generously gave me those things. *sigh* Much needed. Much needed.  

My collection of mentors and peers at the Guild were able to give me what I need as I finish up writing the remaining songs for my debut solo album: valuable advice, critiques, edits and encouragement.

I start recording at the end of this month! (eeeek!)

"Don't Look Down. Keep Going!"

One conversation in particular struck to the core of my being and I haven't quite digested it all yet, but I am excited to announce, perhaps more for myself to hear than for you to hear, but regardless...

I am here. I have something great. & I am not going away. :)



[BIG HUGE THANKS go to the anonymous artistic benefactor who sponsored my workshop fees, meals and lodging for this experience. I am grateful and honored to have a friend and mentor in you.]