Have a Piano? You Down With OPP? (Other Peoples' Pianos)

You Down With OPP? (Other Peoples' Pianos)

Holly and Zack Campbell hosted last night's Concert Window webshow. I'm really enjoying the context of online performance. I get to try out new ideas and meet new music listeners outside of the PacNW - so I am happy to announce...

I'm seeking hosts and their pianos!

  • Do you know of someone potentially interested in jumping on board and hosting this monthly concert series?
  • Is your piano lonely and neglected?
  • Have you dreamed of sitting at home and hearing one of your favorite songs played on your own piano?
  • Do you love the Arts?
  • Do you love watching people around the globe get connected through music?

Hosts should...

  1. Be located within 1 hour of Tacoma, WA
  2. Have a piano in working condition and "relatively" in tune. It doesn't have to be perfect, but pitch is generally a nice thing for music to have...
  3. Have a Wi-Fi upload speed greater than 1 mbps - Test your internet speed here.
  4. Have 2.5 hours of an evening to share with music-lovers of the world

Hosts get to submit 3 cover songs, from which I will choose one to perform on their piano on the night of the webshow. These could be anything from Heavy Metal favorites, Top 40 Pop, Showtunes, to a favorite song by another independent artist. Don't feel obligated to pick a "piano-heavy" song - I like a challenge. ;)

Qualified hosts should send me an email to set up the calendar date. We'll talk further details from there.

So, Who's Interested?!