The Most Annoying Things About My Resistance


Ugh. Resistance, with a capital R, is a bitch. Fortunately(?) I'm not alone. Everywhere I look, artists have fought and are presently fighting this beast of an obstacle in the world of creativity.

But there's something about the struggle that makes it all taste so much sweeter in the end.

I mean, right? (*fingers crossed*) 

Regardless, here are the ways Resistance has showed up to me in just this week alone.

  1. No Feng Shui = Feeling the Funk Shooey - "Yeesh, my music studio is a mess. There's dust everywhere. MUST. CLEAN. NOW."
  2. Physical Limitations - "Damn, Emily. Get a grip on that hand!" see also thirsty/hungry/tired.
  3. Fighting Anger - "It's taken me how long to actually sit down and write this damn song?"
  4. Fighting Anger About Fighting Anger - "Emily, get over it. and just start writing."
  5. Unsatisfied With Quality - "No. I don't like that. Hell no. I don't like that either. Nope. Not gonna cut it."
  6. Fearing My Career - "Ohhhh no. no. no. That sounds like it should've gone straight to the Disney execs during the making of 'Frozen.'"
  7. Feeling Trapped - "Get me out of here! I'm doomed to fail."
  8. Outside Distractions - *knock on the door* "No, sorry, random stranger, I don't know the answer to that question about the building, the one I do not own." followed by *phone ringing* 5 TIMES.
  9. Fearing a Lack of Time - "But you only have 2 hours. You really need 5 hours to get this done."
  10. Poor Quality Tools - *THUNK. THUNK.* "Wait. Why is this piano key sticking? what. REALLY?! Is that a penny stuck in between the keys?!"

Let's hear 3 cheers for perseverance and dedication!

Oh and of course for my favorite acronym: JFDI (Just F*ckin' Do It)