#YouNeedThese: The Soundtrack of My Life Lately

I've fully embraced Spotify.

I've always understood that being a musician is not just being a manufacturer or source of a "good" that someone holds in their hand.

To me, being a musician means creating a connection and facilitating unique moments in someone's life.

A hand-held product like a disc, LP, or liner notes are hard pressed to do that on their own. It's for this reason that I've never been in the circle of folks shaking in their boots over the growth of companies like Spotify, Pandora, etc. in the music industry.

I AM honored to have been part of y'alls lives, with or without music being involved. You see...

The magic of life is that giving love freely means you'll never run out. 

So here. Take these. These are some of the songs I've collected that have made my own life a little more joyful, a little more meaningful, a little more loving in the last couple weeks.

I'm adding to this playlist daily... So if you're a Spotify user, by all means, FOLLOW AWAY!