Part 1 - Finances: A Change in Perspective...

 What I look like while breathing a sigh of relief...

What I look like while breathing a sigh of relief...

I just got off THE MOST HELLISH phone call ever with my bank, USAA. This is the only time this has happened after banking with them for 15 years.

Don't worry, everything got worked out.  

  • But only after 3 hours
  • of getting transferred to a different department at least 12 times,
  • getting disconnected 3 times,
  • and talking with 3 different executive resolution managers...

FINALLY, after getting mistakenly transferred to one of their bottom-of-the-totem-pole representatives, *facepalm* she took the time to let me cry. like ugly. snot-ridden. exacerbated. big-time cry.

and just because she was curious, she looked back at my account history... 

and then paid me the highest compliment I've received from a financial institution to date. "Ms. Peterson! Your account is immaculate! I've never seen anything like this before." 

Through snot-fill sniffles I asked her to explain... 

YOU GUYS. Get this.

Since 1999, when I opened my first savings account at 13 years old... 

I've only over-drafted 10 times. 

In the 15 years I've had a bank account, I have...

  • graduated high school,
  • attended college,
  • traveled overseas more than 4 times,
  • bought a car,
  • bought a cello,
  • had over 10 addresses,
  • moved cities at least 5 times,
  • started a business,
  • and am now self-employed. 

I'll say it again.

I've only over-drafted 10 times. 

She's right.

That is some of the most impressive holistic data I've ever seen. 

I always thought I was 'bad with money.' I was always counting and comparing the contents of my bank account to other external standards of financial excellence.

But in fact, the reality is that I am GOOD with money.  Even if it's just $34.37 (the current end-of-month balance of my checking account.) I am responsible with my money.

I am embarking upon one of the biggest business/travel/music adventures I can fathom in 2015. And as a self-employed artist & musician, this financial data is equally comforting and scary to hear...

Comforting: I am responsible with my money.

Scary: I have $34.

I normally would sign off with "Here goes nothing!"

But instead... "Here goes $34!"


Psst! Stay tuned for Part 2 & 3 (you'll see what I do with my $34...)