Tomorrow Night! Songs, Art, Poetry in The Round!


I'm honored to have been added very last minute to the Round #115 lineup! (November 11th, 8pm, Fremont Abbey Arts Center) 

If you've never been to a Round, you're missing out and now's your chance to experience it. 

More info here...!

Music | Poetry | Visual | Collaboration

Three songwriters sharing the stage, alternating with a slam poet, visual artists creating live, joined by a mix of backing musicians, while the audience sits quietly a few feet away from a low stage. Founded in Seattle WA in 2005, it's held every month usually on 2nd Tuesdays.

Round #115 includes...

This month the Abbey is celebrating their building being 100 years old.  They've got a special lineup this month including Lacey Brown who actually performed at Round #1 here in Upper Fremont across the street in what is now Cafe Vita (formerly Living Room tea house) & Zach Fleury. If you've seen his live shows you know you'll be laughing out loud in between songs with his hilarious stories. 

Visual artist Heather Stringer will be trying something new, and all we can say is that her "canvas" is not made of canvas, and it might be moving. Plus, the slam poet is Jamie Marlow, who just won a recent Seattle Poetry Slam event.