Introducing! The Musicians Behind "Velveteen"

The Pre-Order Party is rocking! Thank you so much for SHARING it with all your friends!

You guys are making this album real & I'm pumped about it.

I'd like to introduce you to the other folks who helped make this album real.

Yes, the album is sounding gorgeous. I'm button-bustin' proud of it all. I'm also proud to say that I co-produced it with the talent of a stellar group of musicians.

Aaron, Me, Gary, and Eric! 

Gary Mula - co-producer & engineer - This is the man with the biggest heart and the most kind spirit in all of the Seattle music scene. He was perfect for the job. And it was quite a feat that I laid before him. There were so many moments in the studio I wished I could picked his brain until the cows came home. But we don't have cows in WA, so that would've taken a little too much time.

Eric Howk - guitar & bass - You guys. Eric is quite possibly the best bassist I've ever met - and as a cellist, I've known a lot of bassists, so that says a lot. We'd go around the corner from the recording studio to get an espresso, he'd down it in one shot. He'd then proceed to roll into the studio, pick up his guitar/bass and play the. most. gorgeous. things. I've. ever. heard. There was silent crying from me - the good kind.

Aaron Benson - drums - Aaron hopped in last minute on drums like the pro that he is and I was blown away by the sick beats this dude laid down. Some of the songs he played on completely changed the landscape and trajectory of our recording plans. I was totally fine by that. Aaron knew what was up. 


LET THERE BE HORNS!!!! @andrewvait, Carey Rayburn, and Scott Morning absolutely nailed it today! heart_eyes #velveteen

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Andrew Vait - saxophone - Andrew is one-half of one of my favorite Seattle bands right now: SISTERS. Check 'em out! He might slay the guitar, keyboard, and vocals, but he is a killer sax player too. Arranging schedules for recording projects is like asking the stars to align. The heavens listened. Andrew arrived, played, and conquered.

Jess Alldredge - co-arranger for "Shade of Silver" - Jess is the lead dude for Emerald Hymns. He and I (and my cello) have worked together a bunch over the last coupla years. I canNOT wait for you all to hear this track. It'll give you goosebumps, for dayzz...

Carey Rayburn - trumpet & flugelhorn - Imagine me with cardboard hearts for eyes, because that's what I looked like while he tracked flugelhorn on Jess' arrangement of "Shade of Silver." Carey also played trumpet on a couple other tracks for Velveteen. If you get a chance to hear his band, Good Co, you should take it!

Scott Morning - trumpet - Scott jumped in on a handful of songs with his trumpet. All three of my horn players were so gracious with my relatively hands-free production style. I highly respect his leadership and improvisational sensibilities. He's on the East Coast touring with his band Polyrhythmics right now!


Alina To - violin - Alina and I know each other from my days of "giggin' around" with my cello. We like to grab brunch and gab about our loves and lives. She might call me her guardian angel, but she's mine because she played the FOOL out of that E-string on this album.  


Lacey Brown - drums - This chick is super cool. She and I co-founded the Coda School of Music together with our friend Ivar, so I'm not only down with her teaching philosophy but I'm also down with her overall attitude about music, specifically beats. I was so happy our recording schedule was able to line up to her's, even if it was just for a little bit. She's a saint and also pictured above with a random Pope hat we found in a closet somewhere. Ha!


Feelin' pretty and goofing around with @coltranfroster and his bassoon magic!

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Coltan Foster - bassoon - Coltan and I know each other from way back when we were both staff members for Marrowstone Summer Music Festival. (Woot!) When I decided to record this album, HE was the first one I messaged to see if he was interested. I wanted bassoon badly. The bassoon is the cello of the woodwind family - it only makes sense. Coltan pumped the laughter into our recording sessions with the same generosity and precision he put into each of the tracks he played on.

So NOW can you see why I am so stinkin' proud of this album?!


I value the artistry of these musical pro's SO much. They poured themselves into every beat, measure, and chord of these songs and you can tell!


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