The School of Bravery 

a podcast & business school for creative visionaries 


We believe a lifestyle, career or business of bravery is not haphazard, reckless or chaotic. We believe the struggle of courage is overrated. (Read more on that here.)

There are twelve ingredients in true bravery. When all twelve ingredients are present in your creative vision, then your bravery can feel easier!

In the business school, we hold 2 masterclasses themed around one of these 12 bravery ingredients. These masterclass topics are voted upon by students. Our weekly office hours for 1:1 coaching tend to be themed in that direction as well.

For the podcast, this means we publish 4 episodes around that month's theme featuring the following episode formats:

  1. a guest business expert (marketing, retail, finance, sales, strategy, etc.)
  2. a guest creative story (musicians, artists, designers, etc.)
  3. a current student
  4. a solo episode with just Emily Ann

Please Note:

  • This podcast is not just another "Tell us about your business/book/album/etc." show. It's for folks with a story of bravery and/or knowledgable value to offer. This means you need to be willing to "go deep" or answer really tough questions. Yes, there is an opportunity at the end of the show to promote a your goods/services, but that won't be the entirety of the interview.
  • We like to feature a "Brave Take Away" in each episode. If you have any ideas for this, please mention it in your application.
  • We also value POC, LGBTQIA, and other marginalized voices and stories. If that sounds like you, please make it known in your application.

We would love to consider you or your hero's bravery for the show.

Fill out the application below to put yourself or someone else on the list of Our Dream Guests.

xoxo! ~Emily Ann


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