Hi! My name is Emily Ann Peterson. 


I'm a songwriter, creative consultant, and bestselling author of the book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous

~5 years ago I received a terrifying diagnosis - an essential tremor in my right hand. The disease is degenerative, hereditary, neurological and it threatened my existence as a functioning human being. For a full-time cello player & teacher (who did marketing consulting occasionally) this felt like a death sentence.

Be real: Who's heard of a one-handed cellist who wasn't a member of the freak show symphony?!

In a very scary way, I became my own freak show symphony. My diagnosis threatened my profitability as business owner. My livelihood, my ability to pay bills, and especially my identity as a productive member of society - all of it depended on the stability of my right hand.

There was a tragic amount of grieving, struggle, and failure after my diagnosis. 

I learned the hard way that a lifestyle and a business should work for me, not against me. I found a new and better (not even kidding! yes, better!!!) definition of productivity. I also found a new level profitability. I did it all in the midst of grief, depression, and epic amounts of transition. 

Then last year, after a LOT of unnecessary exhaustion and napping, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism too. Rather than shake my fist at the sky, I perfected some snazzy tricks. I used my new unique constraints to build a lifestyle and a business that works for me, not against me.

Fortunately, you don't have to learn the hard way. Your constraints can help you create a better life.

Today I work with:

  • business owners
  • executives
  • freelancers

who have internal constraints, like:

  • life-altering chronic illnesses (ex: hypothyroidism or tremors)
  • mental health factors (ex: depression or anxiety)
  • mindset challenges (ex: imposter's syndrome)

and/or external constraints, like:

  • abnormal markets 
  • industry changes
  • lifestyle challenges (ex: full-time travel or divorce)
  • a brand new product/child/job

Sometimes our work together looks like:

  • marketing consulting
  • business strategy
  • lifestyle coaching

If you're reading this, your life and business as you knew it has changed or is changing drastically. You are NOT a victim of these challenges. In the midst of all these limitations, it IS possible to create a new and better paradigm of living and doing business.

Want a Pro-Bono Private Session with me?

For a limited time, I'm offering 10 pro-bono, private sessions to explore the creation of a new workshop for business owners with life-altering chronic illnesses. (i.e. migraines, tremors, lyme disease, hypothyroidism, anxiety, depression, etc.)

These pro-bono sessions look like either:

  • website audit: learn the simple switches and edits to increase sales and conversions
  • lifestyle audit: identify the hidden points of friction contributing to your exhaustion
  • bravery audit: determine which ingredient of your bravery is missing

To see if you qualify, please fill out the form below.


The world is waiting for your bravery.

It's time to use your constraints to thrive.